Hip Hop Film Festival NYC 

Skin Ethiks as a Sponsor of HHFF 4 days of fresh! What a trip!

The festival was a hit! Artists from all over the globe, celebrities, actors, artists, musicians, models and so many film and radio industry professionals experienced Skin Ethiks.

Our Teen Ambassador Destiny attended her 1st big event with us. She assisted us all day. Team spirit! Absolutely no complaints th hat she was bored or could be at the mall. Destiny shared products and talked about skincare. When you experience and appreciate Skin Ethiks you require no training and that’s why we choose her an Joy our Island Ambassador because Skin Ethiks isn’t just our life it’s now their lifestyle also.

Much thanks and massive congratulations to CR Capers who is also a Skin Ethiks Ambassador/Advocate/Advocate/ Addict who created this amazing showcase. We we both honored for Unlock  Your Dreams 2015 and I was featured on her radio show Why You Mad Son? Stay tuned for more to come from this mogul in the making.

Skin Ethiks isn’t going anywhere. You need to convert and join the lifestyle. Green everything! Enjoying health on all spectrums!

Be blessed and be beautiful!


#skinethiks #fresh #allnatural 

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