Brows on fleek!

Are you tired of eyebrow pencils, stocked with brow gels, powders and stencils? So was I until I found relief. Semi-permanent eyebrow perfection.

B.B.S.(Beauty by Serena) owner Serena has been tinting and shaping by eyebrows for a few years so when she invited me to have a microblading session on the brows done. I was definitely interested in the process.

Microblading from my experience is superficial tattooing and a tattoo licence is a requirement for your technician. Small feathered strokes are created with a blade and ink to match your skin tone applied. The precision must be absolutely perfect. It is an art! It takes patience. Extreme sanitation is mandatory. The results….wake up perfect brows on fleek. This procedure shaved 5 mins off my morning routine and no reapplication at 3 pm from sweating my brows off.

Serena’s work ethic is immaculate and as a professional I am absolutely cautious about who conducts my services. After the 2 hour microblading session I had an oxygenated mineral exfoliation. It was glorious! B.B.S’s signature Glow and Go.

If you are in the tri-state area contact Serena@beautybyserena. 

You won’t be disappointed. Be sure to ask about her other services. She is also a licensed massage therapist and travels around the globe so she’s aware of all the trending beauty services and products, our Skin Ethiks Calming Creme Cleanser is one of her  favourites and that’s an honor.

Follow her on Instagram @serena_licastro or email

Let me know what you want to know about in our comments.

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