All SkIN!

As we welcome another new year we religiously follow the trends of society. One that never instilled in us the regimen of self care regarding hygeine such as identifying what triggers our greatest organ to react or thrive. What to eat for flawless skin, what skincare to use or how,   what the elements can do to damage precious skin and how can counteract it.

Let us make a conscious decision to not just make a New Year Resolution but to create a lifestyle that ensures we protect and nurture a part of us that is so revered. The skin defends us from pollutants, protects us from harm, keeps us warm, flushes toxins and best of all contains all the nerve ending that allow us to feel love when expreased through touch.
Here are a few vital bits of information for all skin types, races, gender or age:
1: Be gentle! Touch and treat your face and body with love. Overstimulation causes more harm than good.
2: Eat healthy! What you put in is what comes out so comsume a wholesome and bright diet with lots of fruits and vegetables.
3: Protect skin with hydrating emollients such as plant oils and butters. They mimic natural sebum and are accepted faster than animal products. Use an SPF
4: Stress less! Life should be enjoyed. Stress and medication are top causes of skin conditions like acne and dark spots. Relax!
5: Pamper yourself! Get a facial or massage. Low on funds? Make a mask with fruit and honey, slather on your skin or a loved ones. Shower together after or   massage each other.
Last but not least get professional help. There are skin experts available to assist you with looking your best. I am here for you.
Glenise Gomez ME/CLT
Skincare Formulator & Instructor
CEO Skin Ethiks

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