Radiance 2020

7-21 Day Radiance (Raw Food Fest)

And here we are!

A new year and decade is upon us. We have dreamt of health and wellness without setting intentions to manifest those very desires. For those of you interested in whole radiance (glowing skin, anti-aging, mental clarity, hypertension, blood disorders, weight loss, faster metabolism, gut health, liver detox, constipation, excessive perspiration, body odor and halitosis, concentration, gratitude or general lifestyle upgrade) this will benefit you. It’s certainly assisted me on many aspects.

On my quest for health I have made decisions to go organic on many fronts. Of course I indulge occasionally and sometimes budget is minimal or the grocery store labels claim authenticity falsely.

My thalassemia blood disorder warrants a mandatory blood transfusion a couple times per year. Thanks to Mother Earth, an awesome bush doctor and tons of research I have not had a blood transfusion in 5 years and my RBC (red blood cell count) is stabilized.

The 21 day raw food fast or as I like to say festival has also restored my once paler skin tone, reduced my blood pressure, improved my weight loss, detoxed my body, neutralized my internal ph, minimized seasonal allergies and institutionalized a greater lifestyle on the whole. I conduct this for a minimum of 10 days bi-annually.

If you are not familiar with fasting I would suggest commencing with 3-7 days, then a 2 day break for light soft foods prior to advancing to 14 and then 21 days. My journey started with 3 days and advanced to this point. The 1st 3 days are most challenging because your body needs to acclimatize to change of function.

Due to this being my spontaneously random act I will draw a table up of the foods I acquire and how I go about doing this daily. Please note that this plan by no means has any claims to a result for you. This is what has worked for me personally and the individuals who have chosen to accompany me with these steps as my support system.I am sure it will be easier to do this with a team as opposed to self.

Thank you so much for contemplating sharing this journey with me.

Peace and light!








1 cup tea. Warm water with lemon, acv, citrus essential oils or baking soda to alkalize and commence digestive juice flow + 1 glass room temp water.

Fresh pressed vegetable juice.

Shot of wheatgrass or a blend of leafy greens to add chlorophyll to the body for DNA processes and synthesis of cell action.

Protein and a whole carb. NO WHITE ANYTHING, no bread, no milk, no potatoes.

If using dried beans or legumes soak in purified water for 3 days changing water source periodically until germination. This is called sprouting and it’s my favourite to have micro greens on a salad. You may also steam greens slowly until they soften then add freshly chopped onions and garlic.

Same as lunch. What is great about this fest is that you may eat ad lib. I munch every 3 hours and have lots of water.

Salad in large amounts, beans, nuts legumes, raw soup, salsa or hummus as a dip for crudites, roasted beets or apples soaked in acv or lemon juice are a great salad dressing. Roasted squash for carotenoids, Vit A & C

Unsalted, raw or roasted nuts. I like mixing with a little dried fruit for flavor enhancement. Avoid fruits dried with sulphates such as pineapples and mangoes. Cranberries and raisens or chopped prunes are fine.

Tea, nut milk, crudité or raw vegetables

Farmers Market list: $50.00 per week gets a bounty of seasonal items. Anything colorful for a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals. Broccoli, kale, beets and beet greens, spinach, asparagus, brussel sprouts, mustard greens, lettuce, okra, eggplant, lots of sweet peppers, zucchini, cucumbers, carrots, heirloom tomatoes, stone fruit such as pears, plums, cherries etc, citrus fruits such as limes, lemons, tangerines, grapefruit etc, blackberries, blueberries or raspberries, watermelon, bananas, persimmons and pears. Lentils, kidney beans, sunflower seeds, hemp seeds, flaxseed, ginger, garlic, scallions. Touch of sea salt, coconut or olive oil, curry powder and/or habanero.

I would suggest not going cold turkey and use the 1st 3 days to wean yourself into total raw. Some vegetable nutrients are absorbed better when cooked so saute a bit of spinach or eggplant with mild seasonings in a tad bit of olive oil. Make a carrot curry to eat with shredded zucchini or a vegetable stew on very low heat to not oxidize nutrients. Blend some hummus in your magic bullet to dip broccoli or carrot sticks into. Make a spicy tomato salsa or red pepper soup to boost your immune system. Blend some watermelon and freeze into a popsicle or slushie.

I will post some recipes of what I conjure up to make this fest tasty! Let us take healthy steps together. One day at a time we shall be eating like our ancestors did! Healthy and happy and clean.

Glenise Gomez

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