Who’s coming?? Spring is!

What do you think of the word spring?? Well I’m already here so let me go first. Fresh, clean, bright, alive, young, vibrant, glowing! HMMMMMMM

If any of those connect with you then great! How Spring relates to us at Skin Ethiks? Spring Skin! Don’t you want that? Yep! Do you need that?? Absolutely!

Many of our devoted customers are already using exfoliants to slough smooth and replenish dead winter skin. How else do you think diamonds get shiny and brilliant? We need to slough, smooth and polish our skin. Who needs another roof on their house? Exactly! Who needs layers and layers of dead cells stacked and stuck together on the surface from 2014 or even last week? We need to breathe! We need to release toxins! We need to glow! We really really do!  Exfoliating the face and body is an integral part of skin health. So lets dig into a gentle facial scrub or mechanical exfoliant, an exfoliating wash or peel which is a chemical exfoliant or even some good old body brushing to increase circulation and minimize free radical damaging toxins and cellulite.

In the next few days look out for my blog on what’s best to get a jumpstart on Spring Skin. Or, inbox me on http://www.Facebook.com/SkinEthiks so I can recommend a skin care regimen to make you glow.

Be blessed & be beautiful!