Toxic Topicals

Toxic Topicals are what I term as unnatural naturals because many companies that boast being natural still contain a whole lot of junk. Here are the facts!

Did you know that 50% of products you apply on your skin are not meant to be absorbed? Why do you allow chemicals to illegally hijack our body? Penetration enhancers have 1 purpose and that’s to allow more chemical entrance to cause damage.

What are penetration enhancers? Toxins that infiltrate the skin allow access to many other chemicals. Many of these toxins that are absorbed unconsciously into the bloodstream from brand name, great smelling cosmetics increase our risk of sunburn, are unsafe for use in cosmetics, have evidence of causing cancer, allergies, sensitivities, reproductive and developmental disorder.


1) Protects- our first line of defense
from the environment.

2) Feels – our nerve endings react to touch,
pressure, heat, cold, vibration and tissue injury.

3) Manages – your skin regulates body
temperature through sebaceous glands.

4) Stores and Synthesizes – acts as a storage
center for lipids and water as well as a means
of synthesis of vitamin D and B with absorbed sunshine

5) Excretes – toxic waste is eliminated when you sweat.

6) Absorbs – Just like oxygen and carbon
dioxide enter our skin and bloodstream, cosmetic and skincare molecules are absorbed.

Let’s discover what should not be in our products and what Skin Ethics is proud to offer that’s anti-toxic. I researched this information at the listing from the Center for Disease Control, BBC Hazmaps and various MSDS forms while researching ingredients for personal use.

1. SODIUM LAURYL SULFATE is a super foaming alkali is disguised saying it comes from coconuts in semi natural products. It is used in anything that foams like drain and oven cleaners, shampoos, hand soaps, face and body washes. Workers exposed to steam containing SODIUM LAURYL SULFATE have suffered lung damage and an increased risk of throat cancer and stomach cancer.It also damages eyes because it dissolves proteins and may also damage the skin’s immune system by causing layers to separate and inflame.

2.  PARABENS are used in deodorants, antiperspirant deodorant, moisturizers etc. Used as inhibitors of microbial growth and to extend shelf life of products even though they are known to be toxic. May cause allergic reactions and skin rashes, reproductive toxicity and cancer inhibitors.

 3. PETROLATUM & COAL TAR are derived from oil deposits and may be contaminated with carcinogenic impurities or other significant health problems like disrupting the endocrine system. This chemical isused in lip balms, eye drops, diaper cream, moisturizers and tanning oil. It’s also used to pave roads and seal roofs.

 4. MERCURY is toxic when inhaled, ingested or applied on the skin. It causes severe irritation. Used in cosmetic bleaching creams, batteries, thermometers, dentures and paint. It is deemed dangerous for the environment and needs to be disposed separately.

5. DENATURED ALCOHOL is linked to reduced fertility and a reduced chance for a full term healthy pregnancy. Used in all products including deodorants, cleansers, shampoos and body lotions. Dries skin tissue by degenerating skin cells.

 6PROPYLENE GYCOL is used in antifreeze, paint solvent and for artificial smoke. It’s also found in every skin care product you use along with toothpaste, bath salts and mascara. Linked to reproductive, developmental and organ system toxicity. Can instigate immune system response that can include itching, burning, scaling, hives, and blistering of skin. It is the number one toxic chemical used as a penetration enhancer.

 7ALUMINIUM is known as a toxic respiratory and circulatory hazard. Presently being tested for developmental retardation and fetal demise. Mainly found in antiperspirants to deter or stop perspiration. Cancer is a risk with absorption into lymph nodes especially with a retentive genetic background.

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