Why Skinethiks??

Skin Ethiks CEO and Clinical Esthetician Glenise Gomez Phillip was asked the question “Why Skin Ethiks?”

This was her unedited, uncut and frankly candid response. 

Simple skincare. Superb service! 


Hip Hop Film Festival NYC 

Skin Ethiks as a Sponsor of HHFF 4 days of fresh! What a trip!

The festival was a hit! Artists from all over the globe, celebrities, actors, artists, musicians, models and so many film and radio industry professionals experienced Skin Ethiks.

Our Teen Ambassador Destiny attended her 1st big event with us. She assisted us all day. Team spirit! Absolutely no complaints th hat she was bored or could be at the mall. Destiny shared products and talked about skincare. When you experience and appreciate Skin Ethiks you require no training and that’s why we choose her an Joy our Island Ambassador because Skin Ethiks isn’t just our life it’s now their lifestyle also.

Much thanks and massive congratulations to CR Capers who is also a Skin Ethiks Ambassador/Advocate/Advocate/ Addict who created this amazing showcase. We we both honored for Unlock  Your Dreams 2015 and I was featured on her radio show Why You Mad Son? Stay tuned for more to come from this mogul in the making.

Skin Ethiks isn’t going anywhere. You need to convert and join the lifestyle. Green everything! Enjoying health on all spectrums!

Be blessed and be beautiful!


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Comfortable in my skin

After my dads passing my world collapsed. I had no idea what I would do. The company I worked for had new management and they said I had to retire my position to attend my dads funeral. My husband said leave the job if you are not allowed time to grieve and I did that for an extended period. I grieved 2 losses. So when i blended to soothe my pain and researched to make the days go faster I had no ide that Skin Ethiks would be birthed.

Skin Ethiks consumes an indelible portion of my life. It’s my lifestyle and now many more are engaging into total transformation. In two short years I’ve had the opportunity to be affiliated and support many charities like the Jericho Road  and Love Shouldn’t Hurt Domestic Violence Organizations, been honored at Unlock Your Dreams 2015 and Best for NYC 2015, Mentored by John Maxwell coaches and BNP Paribas Bank. Host amzing events and empower women with Sisters of Excellence and Mastermind Entrepreneur Exchange. Another great accomplishment is to be Board Secretary of the Caribbean American Leadership Foundation and working in tandem with WhereItzAt Magazine, both sponsors for the Business Innovators and Game Changers Awards.

Sharing as the skin/beauty columnist has been quite a challenge for me to explore and identify my skills. It has brought me some amazing opportunities and I have gained knowledge from some prominent trail blazer intellectuals. Friendships have been formed and my metamorphosis is continuous. I am entirely grateful!

Below are a couple of excerpts from my golfing and garden adventures. Be sure to find WhereItzAt magazine in any local Caribbean restaurant or hot spot. Find us online at http://www.gowhereitzat.com and be sure to promote your business with WhereItzAt. The name says it all.

Teeing up a fantastic future!

Moments Golf Club continuously drives great shots with the youth in our community! On Tuesday July 17th, 2016 I had the privilege to attend the Moments Golf Club Annual Golf Tournament representing WhereItzAt magazine. For almost a decade Moments Golf Club has been awarding scholarships to young men and women, sowing hope and encouragement that aspirations are worth the effort and will always be rewarded. The weather was immaculate and the guys dress code for golfing was impressive. To put it simply, I can be out on the green every day. What’s better than being one with nature, enjoying a calm atmosphere and hitting a ball off the tee all day long to implement scholarships for college graduates all day long?

Oasis in the City

Owning a small garden or homestead is common in the Caribbean and a necessity in the United States, especially where there is limited space. The Monsanto and GMO reign is prevalent so we cannot guarantee what exactly is in our foods, how fresh it is or even how substantial it will be after modification and storage. We consume wax, ethylene gases and formaldehyde as a new normal. Planting our own fruits and vegetables for self-sustenance should be mandatory.




Natural vs. Organic Products

What’s the difference?

Now, more than ever, people are questioning what is being put into the skin care products they use. With terms such as “natural” and “organic” being used on all kinds of packaging, it’s important to know not only what these terms really mean, how they affect the way a product is labeled, the way ingredients are listed on the packaging, and the overall effectiveness of the product.

What does it mean when a product is labeled “natural” or “organic”? To be simple, a natural product is something that originated from a plant or animal source, and an organic product is a natural product that was grown without the use of artificial fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides. Many ingredients used in beauty, makeup, and skin care products are already derived from plant sources.

In the world of skin care, the biggest difference between products labeled “natural” and “organic” is the amount of regulation imposed by the government. The US government does not regulate natural skin care products, which means ANYTHING can be labeled or described as natural, regardless of what it contains or how it was produced. Organic products, however, are heavily regulated by the government.

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) sets strict regulations for organic products: how ingredients must be grown and processed; where the word organic can appear on the product label; and how the label may be presented on the actual product. Growers must adhere to a special system of farming that maintains and replenishes the soil fertility without the use of toxic materials such as pesticides or fertilizers.
The National Organic Program (NOP) is a government agency that works with the USDA to help regulate the use of organic ingredients in skin care products, and to make sure these types of products are correctly labeled. There are four labeling categories for certified organic products:

100 Percent Organic
Products that have been certified by the government as containing 100 percent organic ingredients. The product is permitted to display the USDA Organic label on the front of the packaging.

Products that contain at least 95 percent organic ingredients. They are also permitted to bear the USDA Organic label on the front of their packaging.

Made With Organic Ingredients
Only 70 percent of ingredients need to be organic for a product to be certified in this category. These products cannot use the USDA Organic label, but are allowed to have descriptive text on the product label to say it is made with organic ingredients.

Less Than 70 Percent Organic Ingredients
These products cannot use the USDA Organic label, and the only place where the word “organic” can be used on the product’s packaging is in the ingredient list on the back of the product.

What’s Natural? There is no formal definition of what natural means within the beauty industry. Different brands may use the word in completely different ways. This creates confusion and frustration for the consumer.

It’s important to know the difference between natural and organic. Just because a product is labeled “natural” or “organic” doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be the best choice for your skin type, concerns, and conditions.





Can you take the heat?

Can you take the heat?

It’s officially summer! This isn’t island breeze heat either. Expect to be laced with major sunshine.

Back in the day we embraced this weather as children with no complaints. Even though the Caribbean sun is known for its high Ultraviolet rays we must encounter the challenges of sun exposure wherever we may be.
Sun burn is quite uncomfortable and skin cancer is a risk for everyone.
Here are a few tips to keep you safe:
1: Wear protective clothing. A dark car heats up in the sun much faster than a lighter one. So does dark skin. We have melanin to protect us however a cool white long sleeved  cotton shirt provides safety. A wide brimmed hat protects against intense ultraviolet aging rays that degenerates collagen hence causing wrinkles and dryness. It also causes pigmentation conditions such as dark spots and splotches. Sun exposure affects the eyes too by damaging the retina so please wear sunglasses.
2: Apply sunscreen. This is super controversial. Many people who live a natural lifestyle claim that coconut oil and shea butter provide sun screen protection and this is correct to a degree. As a skin care formulator of organic/ natural based items we do endorse SPF simply because prime ingredients such as coconut oil and avocado oil do not provide protection at the capacity necessary to appropriately protect skin.
We agree though that most sunscreen products are toxic. They are mass danger to all life and the environment by petrochemical emissions that even have killed coral reefs. Some ingredients in sunscreen are used in lighter fuel and fertilizer. They not only are absorbed into the body causing allergic reactions and triggering asthma. These ingredients cause cancer by releasing  free radicals within our bodies that break down our defense mechanism, eradicate healthy cells and minimize optimal organ processes.
Zinc oxide, a naturally occurring mineral, absorbs both UVA (aging/cancer-causing) and UVB (burning) rays. It’s what causes the pasty ghost look when you apply it. This is best as a sun blocking agent.
3: Eat your SPF! Antioxidant rich fruits like berries and high omega fatty acid foods increase our immune systems to fight off the daily encounter of free radicals such as smoke, tainted water and the 80% of topical garbage in expensive packaging we apply because we simply don’t understand how to read a label or to research an ingredient.
4: Avoid being exposed for long periods of time in peak ultra violet aging or ultra violet burning sunrays. Absorb Vit D enriched sunshine to increase energy and combat depression at early morning or late evening when the rays are cooler and less brutal.
5: Sometimes we forget to wear sunscreen or a hat. Sometimes we fall asleep out in the sun. Sunburns happen and they are painful. Don’t pull skin, pick or pop blisters. Apply a cold towel or compress. Take a painkiller to alleviate discomfort.
Use aloe vera gel to calm and soothe. At Skin Ethiks we offer a lavender infused Post Treatment Gel. It’s great to treat discomfort, calm and heal irritated, blistered skin  after sun exposure, waxing, shaving and laser treatments.
For more information or a customized consultation please call Skin Ethiks at 516-387-5468 or visit us online at http://www.skinethiks.com


News Flash SPF

Newsflash! This is roocoo! I don’t know anything about annatto or achiote. My Arawak aunty would say that but I know this fruit as roocoo.

My mom would lament with us to stay away just because the seeds were red and when the pods dropped my sister and we would smear the red dusty brick powder over our lips to mimic adults. This coloring was used for stews and curries or to make jellies with sugar and plums.

Now this Caribbean plant is touted to be a natural antidote to cancer. BIXIN is apocarotenoid (I’m thinking Vit A derived antioxidants such as in carrots) found in annatto coloring. When injected into mice and exposed to UV light they experienced less severe skin damage. It doesnt kill cancer cells but prevents them forming.

If you would like to try keep me posted on the results. Maybe a Skin Ethiks product will contain annatto in the future. Guess what color it’s gonna be!



Pillar of Salt

Dealing with hypertension is a daunting task because of all the contraindications that arise using salt. Coupled with an allergy to iodine has made this even worse working in that spa industry because I cant use sea weed or sea salt based products and that is a huge disadvantage.

Salt has an immense popularity to relax, detox and rejuvenate the body. Whether it’s incorporating positive ions via a salt lamp or directly as a smoothing scrub to exfoliate salt is a treasure. Himalayan salt is know to have over 80 vital minerals that benefit the body.  It calms your nerves, makes you sleep better, salt stimulates circulation and even minimizes pain.
My doctor has recommended I swap out table salt for sea salt for these very same reasons and it helps.

Incorporate some epsom salts for a relaxing body soak or add sea salt to honey or olive oil for a revitalizing skin smoothing body scrub. Be gentle because according to the grain salt may be more damaging than beneficial.

Don’t be salty unless your smooth. Find a way to incorporate healthy relaxing salts today.

Who says margarita?